Gamified social platforms for gamers to improve their online gaming experience

Breach is a leading social platform in development for gamers that helps to increase the quality of the online gaming experience by finding the best teammates, fighting toxicity, and gamifying the online presence.

Discover. Find new and old games to play.

Learn. Tutorials, guides and latest news to keep in touch with what is happening in gaming.

Connect. Match with new gaming partners, join lobbies and chats for easy socialization online.

Our vision

Breach serves as a foundation for a user’s presence in the digital world, offering access to socializing, consumption and creation of content, gaming, and complete control of anything the user owns, from social media posts to in-game items.

The platform introduces Breach Avatar, which is used both in the social platform and native Breach games. It shares the same stats across platform activities and games, representing experience and skills in the virtual world.

With the Project Apidom game already in development, Breach is already becoming its own miniverse, uniting online activities – socializing and gaming - all in one place. We are offering a platform that provides everything that gamer needs.

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