Breach Express

Single place for all news and guides

Breach Express aggregates the content from various gaming news platforms, Youtube, and other social platforms to show it all in one place. It allows to find out about more niche or uprising games, including on-chain ones that are often overlooked by mainstream portals. It provides a perfect way for indie and crypto game developers to gain exposure for their game releases.

A portion of articles is aggregated from various news sites such as Verge, PCGamer, IGN, Notebookcheck, etc., while others are written by Breach users themselves. Creating content for Breach Express is another way to earn additional income for the platform's users too as they can get paid for.

Users can select topics they are interested in and get a personalized news feed without the need to scroll through irrelevant content and ads. Keeping up with the latest news has never been so easy as everything is available in one place.

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