Project Apidom

The first native MOBA game

Project Apidom is a MOBA game developed by Breach that uses Breach Avatar as the player's character. In Dota-style 3v3v3 battles, players fight in search of a treasure while also facing and combating NPC monsters. The treasure consists of an in-game item drop and Shards which is a currency that will be used both in the game and Breach social platform.

Breach Arena offers multiple ways of play, that include casual and competitive. In casual battles, players get to practice the game and learn the subtleties of the maps as well as draw strategies while also having a chance of earning various game items after winning.

In competitive battles, players enter the map with one intent, conquer the map and win. Winners get bigger rewards and rarer items while also being able to enter tournaments for even bigger rewards.

Same Avatar - different games

Breach will offer different native games as the platform develops - RTS, FPS, Fighting, RPG, and other genres.

It doesn't matter which game you play. Your character will transfer its stats, levels and inventory between all of these games! This includes using social platform too - gaining XP and skill points there will directly strengthen the Avatar in native games too.

No more starting from zero. Level up in one game - be strong in others.

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