Breach - uniting gamers in a single GameFi social miniverse.

Breach is a Gamefy community-based gaming platform that allows players to:

  • Join chat groups and gaming lobbies based on their interests and played games

  • Find and connect with new gaming partners according to their own preferences

  • Effortlessly organize gaming sessions and events

  • Rate others according to their behavior and moderate online environment to make platform welcoming to everyone

  • Discover the latest game releases from various platforms

  • Learn about the latest things, new tricks, and tips with content aggregated from other platforms

  • Easily use crypto and blockchain technology with a streamlined usage process

  • Own data and created content that can be minted to transfer ownership from Breach to users themselves

Breach is a transparent social and gaming platform based on blockchain, providing the user with full control of their data and created content. Breach is a leading social platform for gamers that help to increase the quality of the online gaming experience by finding the best teammates, fighting toxicity, and gamifying the online presence.

Breach serves as a foundation for a user’s presence in the digital world, offering access to socializing, access and creation of content, gaming, and complete control of anything the user owns, from social media posts to in-game items.

It is a single stop for anything gamers may need.

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