Breach Avatar

Upgradeable profile with XP points based on your past and future activity on external and internal stats.

Every Breach member gets their Breach Avatar set up after registration. The Avatar is additionally minted on-chain that has levels and stats that can be evolved and increased. Gamers' Avatar is their identity in the social platform and native Breach games.

Breach leverages APIs gathering and calculating gamers' previous gaming experience, and activity on linked platforms, such as Steam. Breach Avatar does not to start from level 0 if there is any prior gaming experience.

Breach Avatar has five main stats:

  • STR (strength) – damage dealt and resistance to damage.

  • DEX (dexterity) – movement, attack, and abilities cast speeds, allowing to sprint faster, and attack more often.

  • VIT (vitality) – stamina, health points, regeneration, etc.

  • MNT (mentality) – increases the perception of the environment and allows exploring the game world more quickly.

  • LCK (luck) – increases the chance for critical hits, avoiding damage when attacked, increases higher rarity item drop rates, etc.

After the stats from other gaming platforms are collected and calculated, Breach will reward gamers with the appropriate amount of XP and levels for their new profile so they don't start from the ground up if they have played games on other platforms previously.

Additionally, when interacting on Breach Social, i.e., creating content, engaging with others, etc., XP is gained.

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