The game-changers

  • Breach Avatar. The character that players will use in Breach's miniverse games and social platform. It has common stats and inventory that are shared among various games and social platform, making it representative of all user's experience, skills, and activities in the digital world.

  • Breach Social. A social platform for gamers to create, share, discover, and engage with content and earn XP for their Breach Avatar. Breach Social is the perfect place for gamers to socialize and connect in new ways

  • Breach Matchmaking. Breach allows gamers to search and discover the best teammates to play with. Whether that is a traditional online video game or a hot new blockchain game, gamers will be able to find the right players to match with.

  • Breach Express. News aggregator service that provides content feed according to user's interests. It aggregates content from other news portals and creators on Breach platform and presents them all in one place.

  • Breach Marketplace. Breach Marketplace is a place for gamers to buy or trade on-chain items they own, whether that be in-game weapons or posts on social platfom.

  • Project Apidom. A rpg-style treasure hunt game in development by Breach that uses Breach Avatar as the player's character and introduces the miniverse aspect to the platform. Playing the game grants XP and in-game items that can be sold on Breach Marketplace.

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