Common pain points

Difficulty in socializing as a gamer

Communities are scattered across different platforms, each having different features and caveats, preventing them from having a proper social presence. Finding teammates for online gaming as differences in age, experience, and attitude lead to often frustrating gaming experiences with others.

Complicated game sessions and events organization

Organizing a gaming session with others is a bothersome task involving tedious chat group creation and a struggle when trying to reach out about any changes. Gaming events are not different, as platforms meant for their organization do not provide any additional residual functionality and are rather a barebone.

Unsafe online environment for minorities

Lack of consequences and ease of creating new accounts leads to often misbehavior on the internet. In addition, hate speech, slurs, and swears targeted towards race, gender, sexuality, and other minorities an often occurrence that deters part of possible users from participating in online activities.

Quality content is scattered on the internet

There are tons of good, high-quality content on the internet ranging from hardware reviews to game tutorials. Unfortunately, such content is scattered across various websites and does not reach the audience it was targeted to.

No single space to discover new on-chain and traditional games

While many AAA titles receive attention from the most popular news sites, other new games - both on-chain and traditional ones - get missed out. This means both lower player numbers for the game creator and missed out on interesting releases for gamers themselves.

Lack of options to use crypto for payments online

While many platforms have already introduced the possibility to use crypto, the user experience is usually not well-thought-out, making using crypto difficult and unappealing to even consider trying out. Crypto and blockchain technology not being presented in a newcomers-friendly way slows mass adoption, not allowing people to get away from centralization.

Lack of quality social platform for gamers

Gaming technology-based products are booming markets with a lot to offer. There are various blockchain-based social platform startups out there yet very few of them are orientated toward gamers and meeting their needs.

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