Breach Social

A gamified social platform

Breach social platform uses upgradable Breach Avatar for user's profile, connecting their gaming and socialization together. The platform allows to interact with friends and other users, join groups, and create and share content.


On social platform, users can join various chat groups according to their interests - whether that be playing games or certain hobbies. Chat messages can be permanently deleted from Breach.

Gaming lobbies are also available that allow for an easy and streamlined gaming experience with others online. They have separate voice and text channels, places to share details about the session, create notifications about upcoming sessions as well as possibility to advertise it on the social platform.

After having an interaction, users can rate each other for misbehavior, and reaching a certain amount of negative ratings penalizes an account thus promoting sticking to the rules. Chats also have options for both manual and automatized moderation to reduce toxicity and abuse in online interactions.

Personal and group messages, community discussions, and much more - everything fits in within Breach.

Feed and content

The posts feed of the platform consists of gaming lobbies advertisements and various posts - text, images, videos, and articles both from other users and Breach Express. Breach allows sharing various types of content that are divided into two categories:

  • General - for sharing content that is interesting to a broad audience

  • Games - for content that is about a certain game and interesting to a niche audience

Content creators have additional perks of additional management tools for scheduled posting and analytics, and also can earn by receiving donations and introducing subscriptions for exclusive content, all paid in tokens.


Receiving likes and comments, interacting with others, and doing other activities on social platform rewards user's Breach Avatar with a certain amount of XP. Leveling up grants additional perks of the platform too - longer posts and messages, bigger file uploads, higher count of gaming lobbies advertisements, etc. The social platform is a game itself with unlockable perks, quests to be completed, and leveling up.

Use of blockchain

  • Breach Social posts can be minted, transferred to the wallet, and completely removed from Breach social platform

  • Breach Avatar is stored on a blockchain allowing for its easier management

  • Redeemable discount codes and vouchers

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