Breach Whitepaper


Markets and audience
Breach intersects with three multi-billion markets:
Social networks: $39 billion Gaming: $184 billion and 2.89 billion gamers Cryptocurrencies: $2 trillion
Given the fact that Breach is a decentralized social platform for gamers, our presence in the market is vital to our vision. Breach tokenomics are based on our own cryptocurrency, $BRGG, and it's going to be important for our projects' future and our audience who will use the token to benefit the most from platform.
Additionally, Breach itself is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. People's profiles become on-chain item they use on the social platform and playing native games with others to earn $BRGG tokens and on-chain items. As a result, Breach intersects with all the above markets.

Breach Audience

Our audience is comprised of traditional and crypto gamers, social media users, and content creators that want their profiles to earn them money and grow their community.
They are the tech enthusiasts, the disruptors, the ones that live on the edge of the newest innovations. The ones that embrace change and being different.
They buy crypto to invest, trade, and earn. They play traditional and crypto games for entertainment and to earn. They are passionate about their games and create content, stream and showcase their skills and share knowledge of their experience to help the gaming community.
Breach is a place for those who are seeking to live in the future.