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The current state of the gaming industry

The State of the Gaming Industry

Blockchain games and NFTs are taking the world by storm. Tens of millions of people worldwide play on-chain games, with billions of dollars poured into the development of on-chain assets and properties. According to Loup Funds, Core NFT gaming spend will total $2.7 billion in volume in 2021, about 13% of total NFT volume. Play-to-Earn or P2E games is a booming NFT market that is begging for more competition.
The future is now - the future in which in-game items, lands, houses, avatars - everything is transferable and has intrinsic and monetary value by itself.
The future of gaming is decentralized and in the hands of every gamer. The future is also a new kind of social interaction - and it is in a decentralized metaverse.
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